Episode 80

Published on:

28th Nov 2019

Podcasting on the go - you can do it…with the right tools - 1KP0080

As a podcaster, you may not always be able to record in your studio (even if your studio is the kitchen). So what are you going to do when you’re traveling or on vacation?

You can skip episodes, you can work ahead, or you can plan for recording while you’re out.

I’m doing that RIGHT now.

Listen to Discover

  • Where I’m recording now
  • Why mobile recording is important
  • Some of the trade-offs
  • What I’ve been doing recently
  • What I’m trying to do in mobile recording
  • What is happening to me as I’m doing this

Resources Mentioned

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Launching a podcast is a little tech and a HUGE mental game of overcoming fear, getting out of your own way, and (sometimes) a daily grind.

Join me as I share what I've picked up on my podcasting journey over the last 5 years, hosting over 250 episodes, growing as a host and editor, developing systems and processes, and beginning to share what I've learned.

The road is hard-fought and has allowed me to help other podcasters launch, improve their shows, up their editing games, and more. And I've been able to edit over 300 episodes myself.

Join me on my quest to help 1,000 podcasters launch, sustain, and improve their shows.

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Bryan Entzminger is a side hustle podcast editor and a huge fan of Hindenburg Journalist Pro. He's been podcasting since 2014 and editing podcasts professionally and consulting for small businesses and non-profit organizations since 2017. As he builds his business, he balances career, podcast editing, volunteering, family, and leading the Hindenburg-focused Facebook community, Hindy Users (Unofficial). You can find him at TopTierAudio.com.